Eden Revisited
a story by Alina Cruz ©1992

...Once upon a time, in a land without shadows, there was a place where all of the earth's creatures lived in harmony. Sheep walked alongside lions. Lions walked alongside deer. Deer walked alongside wolves. In this world was known no hate, no fear, no pain. All was love, peace, joy. And the land was called Eden.
...In this enchanted land there lived a man called Adam and a woman called Eve. It is said that they were the earth's first people and that in their goodness they had dominion over all of the earth and over all of the creatures of the earth.
...One day, while walking through the garden, Adam came upon a creature he had never seen before. He asked the odd one what it was. And the stranger hissed:
..."I am the Dark. And in me lies all Knowledge. I have come to offer you Greatness. I have come to offer you Power."
..."Adam," whispered the Dark: "You are greater than all of the earth's creatures. Show them your greatness. Let the world bear witness to your power. Show that you are truly master of all the earth: Kill and Eat of the flesh of the animals. Then will they fear and pay hommage to you."
...But Adam was afraid.
...The creature then took Adam to a pool where Adam could see his reflection and said to him: "Adam you are truly great and strong. But you are also Mortal and Naked. Kill the Lamb. Eat its flesh and wear its fine skin around you. Then shall you be as a god."
...With these words was Adam filled with pride. And his heart didst turn cold. Then did he slay the Lamb. And eat of its flesh. And adorned himself with its wool. He also gave some of the flesh to his wife so that she might share in his glory. And she did eat.

...And lo a great cry was heard in the garden and a deep sleep came over all the creatures of the earth.

...Adam and Eve then saw a great light and a voice spoke to them from that light.
..."I am the Light. And from me does all life flow, for I am the Lifeforce. Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the earth. And every fruit tree. And every vine. A fine mist from the earth has watered the whole face of the ground so that you do not have to till the soil.
...You were to have watched over the earth's creatures with love and kindness even as I have watched over you And to them you were as gods. And they did love you even as you, Adam pierced the heart of the Lamb to satisfy your own vanity.
...You have awakened the Predator. And forevermore shall you live among them.
...And Eve, you by hearkening unto the voice of your husband, suppressing all the compassion in your own heart, have shared in his evil. Now shall the world turn harsh and cold. Now shall the strong prey upon the weak. Now shall you both know what pain and suffering are."
...When they awoke, they saw that the land was barren. The lion was feasting on the deer and the wolves were fighting over the bones of the lamb. Then did Adam and Eve know that they were cursed. And there arose in them Fear and Pain and Hate...

And Eden was no more.