Artist Exchange

In the spirit of the pursuit of art, you are invited to participate in this artist exchange space.

Artists love art. They appreciate it like no one else. They understand it more. They get it.Trading and exchanging work among artists has traditionally been the way most artists have acquired their personal collections. The internet has exploded
open the doors of possibility and acess. Take advantage of it.

The following paintings are available as high quality prints suitable for framing 8 X 10 inch format. Cost is $35 (Buy Me).
WOW, what a Bargain! It's the image that counts and now
YOU TOO can have it all.

If you are an artist send one high quality color print of your painting/drawing --printed from your home computer (please specify which printer at which resolution and paper stock) Specify which print you would like and it will be shipped to you when your artwork is received here.

If you would like to offer your work for exchange, send :

  • 1. an e-mail with the image in gif format to post
    plus your
    name, shipping address, e-mail
  • 2. Five of your prints, three to be used in the exchange
    When one of your prints is requested by another artist, a print of that artist (the requestor) will be sent to you.
    The exchangers pay for postage only. You may link to your website or e-mail from your post.

In celebration of art no other costs are associated or charged in this exchange. PLEASE NOTE: Always show your best stuff. You know what it is. What do you want them to see? L@@K!

Artist Exchange--for arts sake.

aviones caen
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